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Fire Retardant Sprays, Paints & Coatings

RDR Technologies specializes in fire retardants, fire suppressants, and several other specialty chemicals. In addition to making our own formulas, we offer many excellent products from other manufacturers as well. Our goal is to offer the 'best in class' products for each code requirement and substrate. We have available several other fire retardants that are not listed here. If you have a need for a special type of fire retardant, or you are not sure which product you need, feel free to call us at 405-702-0055, and we will do our best to get you the correct product. Below are just a few of our products. Navigate above to find the best product for your project.

FIRE RETARDANTs to meet your fire code

Fire Retardants are all about matching products to fire codes. RDR has been working in the industry for ten years, so we are very familiar with the code requirements for your projects. We work with more than a dozen FR manufacturers, so if there is a product that is required for for you to meet code, we are happy to track it down for you. We are familiar with most fire codes from NFPA, ASTM, IBC and UL, and usually have a good handle on what the fire marshals are looking for.

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WINTER WEATHER: Certain intumescent fire retardant products react badly to sub-freezing weather. These are primarily the fire retardant paints. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your product gets to you in good working order, but most often, the weather is beyond our control. Ways to manage the weather include changing the ship date, expedited shipping, heated transport, or selecting a similar product with a closer shipping point. There may be a cost difference in some instances, but we are happy to work with you. If there is ever a question, please call us at 405-702-0055. Regarding the non-intumescent products like BanFire for Fabric, Lumber Guard, and several other non-polymer based retardants, there are NO ill effects if the product happens to freeze in transit. Simply allow to thaw and use normally. Again, if there is a question, just call.